The Basque Country, La Rioja, Navarra y Burgos in a handkerchief

The town of Pariza is strategically located at the Eastern end of the County of Treviño, at the very Western gateway to the Montaña Alavesa and only 30 minutes by car from Laguardia, the capital of the Rioja Alavesa. If you come from:

  • Vitoria, the capital of the Basque Country, is 25 kilometres away, 20 minutes by car, through the Port of Vitoria (A-2124).
  • Bilbao: 94 kilometres, 1 hour by car. *
  • San Sebastián: 125 kms, 1 hour and a half by car. *
  • Logroño41 kms, 40 minutes by car. *
  • Burgos: 117 kms, 1 hour and 20 minutes by car .*
  • Madrid: 360 kms, 3 hours and a half by car. *

*(In all these cases, the access to the County of Treviño is from Lapuebla de Arganzón, on the A1)

Any road you take to us will lead you to the Ventas de Armentia roundabout, in the heart of Treviño County. Leave it on the local road CL-127 towards Obécuri y Bernedo. 10 kms from there, on Ventas de Albaina, you will find on your left side the signal for Pariza. Currently, there are heavy works in progress at this access, so we advise you to ignore this indication and continue forward for just one more kilometre, until you reach a crossroads. Take the detour to the left, signposted with the names of Pariza, Marquínez, Arlucea, Sáseta y Urarte. As soon as you take that direction, you will see our town, perched on a small hill, on your left. The detour is right in front of the old hermitage, where a new Pariza sign appears. Cross the bridge over the river, leave the old laundromat on the right, take the firts path on the right and park at the top, next to the fountain. You have reached us!

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