Untamed nature, wineries, golf and tradition

A walk on clouds

The famous wines of the Rioja Alavesa owe their exceptional quality to the imposing Sierra de Cantabria o de Toloño, which retains the rigours of the continental climate and soothes the temperatures in the valley of the wines. Looking out over its crests, which reach an altitude of 1,455 metres, offers a double scenic reward: to the South, a sea of vineyards; to the North, an ocean of cereal fields, beech groves and the Izki Nature Reserve, the largest marojo oak forest in Europe. From the foothills of the mountains, the villages of Lagrán and Bernedo (both 15 minutes by car from Suite Curry) are the starting point for many routes that will dazzle lovers of hiking, Nordic walking, mountain biking or paragliding. All of them will take you straight to the clouds.


The Jurassic Valley Caves

A 4-kilometre walk from Suite Curry opens up the lush Holy Valley, asl known as Alavese Cappadocia. It is guarded by two huge cliffs formed in the Jurassic era. 1.300 years ago, a community of hermits settled on its walls, carving into the limestone rock to open a complex of 31 caves that they used as dwellings and spiritual retreats. Centuries later, after their abandonment, their descendants used them for their funeral rites. This is an evocative route, signposted and explained with information panels, that will immerse you in a mysterious and remote past, in the midst of exuberant nature.

The Ayuda River Gorge

One of the most emblematic excursions starts in the picturesque village of Sáseta (8 kilometres by car from Suite Curry) and runs upstream through the gorge of the River Ayuda, between waterfalls, pools where you can cool off, beech forests, herds of cows and horses. The finishing point is Okina, a village surrounded by mountains and legends. This 11-kilometre round trip is part of the iconic GR-38, known as the Wine and Fish Route in memory of the 166-kilometre journey that muleteers used to make in ancient times to take their black gold to Bermeo, on the North Basque coast, and return home with salted fish. 


Wine and architecture in Rioja Alavesa

Between the Sierra de Cantabria and the river Ebro, a hundred wineries in Rioja Alavesa pamper 12,000 hectares of vineyards that contribute more than 40 million litres of wine to the Rioja Designation of Origin. It is a land for toasting among medieval villages with fortresses, walled enclosures, ancestral mansions, emblazoned houses, unique churches and unexpected buildings designed by renowned international architects, such as Frank Gehry - in the picture his 'mini Guggenheim' for Marqués de Riscal, in Elciego -, Santiago Calatrava or Phillipe Mazières. You should set aside at least one full day to admire the landscape of this region, visit a winery and taste its wines, and stroll around the capital, Laguardia (a 30-minute drive from Suite Curry). It is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. One of its hotels has a spa open to everyone.

Golf among oaks and holy trees

Just  a 16-minute drive from Suite Curry, in the village of Urturi, you can practise your best 'swing' without crowds or housing developments in sight. The legendary Severiano Ballesteros was in charge of designing the Izki Golf Course, which is publicly owned. It consists of 18 holes, par 72, distributed over 98 hectares of land with an abundance of holly and oak trees. The total length of the course is 7 kilometres. The complex periodically launches offers for green fees and golf baptisms for the uninitiated. It also has a restaurant open to everyone.

Elegant Romanesque and Unique Gothic

Romanesque architecture in the County of Treviño is characterised by its elegance due to its late development, between the end of the 12th and the beginning of the 13th century, which gave the temples subtle Gothic features. At least, ten of them are worth a visit. Outstanding among them all is the hermitage of the Immaculate Conception, in San Vicentejo, (a 12-minutes drive from Suite Curry). It is often guarded by a herd of friendly colts

From the later Gothic period, between the 13th and 14th centuries, dates the unique hermitage of Nuestra Señora de la Peña, in Faido (10 minutes drive). It was built inside a cave dug out of the stone and is the oldest Christian temple still preserved in the Basque Country, which has made it a National Monument.


Natural, river and chlorine pools

This is one of the secluded pools with the cleanest and freshest water in the area. It is a 4-kilometre walk through the mountains and a 10-minute drive away. Don't you feel like diving in? The Fresneda River Pools in Santa Cruz de Campezo, 30 minutes away by car, are much more popular. They have a leisure area divided into two zones located on both sides of the Izki river and connected by a wooden bridge. This recreation area is equipped with tables, barbecues, fountains, a basketball court, toilets, showers and a bar that serves meals in summer. All in the middle of nature. Those who prefer a traditional swimming pool can find it in Bernedo, 15 minutes away by car, and also in Treviño, 12 minutes away. Access per day costs 4 euros and 2.50 euros, respectively.

Signature and informal cuisine

  • Urgora Restaurant: Signature cuisine. Each season offers a sophisticated menu with local and seasonal products during the weekends. During the week it is served on request, in addition to a more simple but very tasty daily menu. In the village of Torre, 5 minutes by car from Suite Curry. With prior reservation. Meals only. Monday and Tuesday closed. Phone: 639126672
  • Oula Restaurant: Signature cuisine. In Ventas de Armentia, 10 minutes by car. Lunch from Friday to Sunday. Phone: 945403911/681020870
  • Garimotxea Restaurant: Quality traditional cuisine. It has a beautiful garden to enjoy an open-air lunch. In Urturi, 15 minutes by car. Monday and Tuesday closed. Tlf. 630414066
  • Izki Golf Restaurant: Specializing in Basque cuisine and roasts in a wood oven. Overlooking the course. In Urturi, 15 minutes by car. Open every day for lunch. Open Friday, Saturday and the day before a public day for dinner. Phone: 654034913
  • Arrea! Restaurant: Signature cuisine with one Michelin star. In Santa Cruz de Campezo, 30 minutos by car. Monday and Tuesday closed. Dinners, Friday and Saturday. Phone: 689740370
  • Ibernalo Restaurant: Quality traditional cuisine. It has a terrace with the best views in the area, where you can enjoy sandwiches and snacks. In Santa Cruz de Campezo, 30 minutes by car. Tuesday and Wednesday closed. Lunch and dinner. Phone: 945403501
  • Dulanto Tavern: It is also a tobacconist. Only lunches based on combined  dishes and appetizers. With a terrace. In Argote, just 5 minutes by car. Closed on Monday. Phone: 945360058
  • Ventas de Armentia Bar-Restaurant: Traditional cuisine. With a terrace. 10 minutes by car. Tuesday and Wednesday closed. Dinners on Friday, Saturday and Sunday based on sandwiches, hamburgers and casseroles. Phone: 652770179
  • Sidrería Treviñu:  In Ascarza, 15 minutes by car. Open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for lunch. Phone: 657736599/945244852
  • La Gaso: Gas station and coffee shop with sandwiches, pintxos and homemade meals to take away. It also has a small supermarket with basic products and a terrace. Open daily from 7.00 a.m. until 10.00 p.m. In Ventas de Armentia, 10 minutes by car. Phone: 945054993
  • Saraso Bakery: On weekends it also elaborates croissants and butter cakes. Open in the mornings until 3.00 p.m. Closed on Monday. Phone: 945360320
  • Elizaurre Bakery: In Pariza, next to Suite Curry. Our neighbor Eli elaborates a delicious organic raising and walnut cake, spelt flower cookies and sourdough bread on request. Phone: 945379139
  • Covirán Supermarket: In Treviño, 12 minutes by car. It also opens on Sunday and public days in the morning. Phone: 945360699

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